Support The Turtlez!

Before we unleash The Turtlez, we are launching the Turtlez Coins for a 1 ADA donation each. Send 3 ADA to cover wrapping and transaction costs; you will receive some of the ADA back with your Turtlez Coin token.

Send 3 ADA, or multiples of 3, e.g. 9 ada for 3 Turtlez Coins, to:


Your tokens will be automatically minted and sent to your address. IMPORTANT – Do not send from an exchange, only a Cardano Wallet, such as Yoroi or Daedalus

There are 1,000,001 reasons to support conservation, with 1,000,001 of these uniquely numbered tokens containing the ATP logo turtle, as well as a cute pixelated turtle on the reverse side. Four different designs of the Turtlez Coin have been created with different rarities, so try and bag yourself one of these special coins!

Turtlez Coins have been specially designed by a friend of The Turtlez, Brown, the developer of the Adalotls NFT project, Check out BrownNFT’s websiteDiscord page and Twitter @BrownNFT

Turtlez Coin Token – Policy # 8f92470a20fb1ca3b114c707cfc8afae8e222096785279208cebd51e

Purchase The Turtlez here and make your contribution to turtle conservation!
75% of your ADA donation will go directly to ATP/IMC conservation efforts, while 25% will go back into further development of The Turtlez and other future fundraising ventures.

Come back soon for our official The Turtlez launch!